Hendo Hoverboard

The thing that we always wanted to have ever since we watched Back To The Future 2  is finally here!!! Introducing Hendo Hoverboard. It features 4 hover engines that create a special magnetic field that pushes against itself to generate … Continue reading →

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PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter

The PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter is a convenient and portable device that not only charges your electronics, but also, jump starts your vehicle. It features a 12000mAH allowing you to jump start up your car 20 times on … Continue reading →

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Spartan Knife Block

Keep your kitchen knives protected by the Spartan Knife Block. Made from ecologically sustainable fine maple and walnut wood, this novelty item will certainly be a conversation starter in every guy’s home.    

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Leeo Smart Alert

Add another layer of protection to your precious home with Leeo Smart Alert. It is a plug-and-play device that will alert you and/or your emergency contacts in case the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms go off. It connects to your … Continue reading →

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Dyson Humidifier

The all new Dyson Humidifier projects mist very quickly and quietly in a room through Air Multiplier technology. Unlike other humidifiers that can breed bacteria, the Dyson Humidifier kills 99.9%  by treating the water tank with UV light. This device … Continue reading →

Box Brew Kits

The guys from Box Brew Kits bring you the art of brewing right to your home. Designed to make beer, wine and cider, the homebrew kit is 100% handmade from reclaimed wood, rustic pine or exotic hardwood. The kit includes a … Continue reading →

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Blackfire Clamp Light Backpack

The Blackfire Clamp Light Backpack is a versatile light that stands, clamps to almost anything and works like a traditional flashlight. It features 4 modes ( high lantern, low lantern, strobe and flashlight) and is able to emit up to … Continue reading →

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Oakley Prizm Goggles

You will be safer going down the slopes with Oakley Prizm Goggles. It features a revolutionary lens that enhances contrast and visibility of the white and flat surface, allowing you to better see the ground. There are 3 varieties of … Continue reading →

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Smart Wall Paint

Wouldn’t you love being able to draw / write on the walls like when you were a kid? The Smart Wall Paint turns any wall in your home or office into a whiteboard. Just apply, sit back and write. Now … Continue reading →

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If your refrigerator is crowded and there is no room for your six pack, BottleLoft is the solution. BottleLoft enables you to hang your bottles from the top of your fridge, leaving extra room underneath for other stuff. It features … Continue reading →

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