Blackfire Clamp Light Backpack

The Blackfire Clamp Light Backpack is a versatile light that stands, clamps to almost anything and works like a traditional flashlight. It features 4 modes ( high lantern, low lantern, strobe and flashlight) and is able to emit up to … Continue reading →

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Oakley Prizm Goggles

You will be safer going down the slopes with Oakley Prizm Goggles. It features a revolutionary lens that enhances contrast and visibility of the white and flat surface, allowing you to better see the ground. There are 3 varieties of … Continue reading →

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Smart Wall Paint

Wouldn’t you love being able to draw / write on the walls like when you were a kid? The Smart Wall Paint turns any wall in your home or office into a whiteboard. Just apply, sit back and write. Now … Continue reading →

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If your refrigerator is crowded and there is no room for your six pack, BottleLoft is the solution. BottleLoft enables you to hang your bottles from the top of your fridge, leaving extra room underneath for other stuff. It features … Continue reading →

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Timbuk2 x Blue Bottle Travel Coffee Kit

If for some reason you are in some remote destination where quality coffee is not available, this travel coffee kit is perfect for you. Created by San Francisco based Blue Bottle coffee and Timbuk2, this all-in-one kit packs everything you … Continue reading →

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The Floyd Shelf

The Floyd Shelf is a tool that enables you to transform any flat surface up to 1 5/8″ thick into a fully functional shelf. It works by installing the two brackets set and clamping down on any flat surface to … Continue reading →

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Pickup Power

Pickup Power is a very clean power strip for your desk. It features 3 USB outlets, 3 AC outlets with surge protection and it houses a portable battery, which you can simply pop out to charge your devices on the … Continue reading →

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SKIL iXO Vivo – Power Corkscrew / Screwdriver

Open your wine bottles in a manly manner with the SKIL iXO Vivo, a power corkscrew and a fully functional screwdriver all in one. It features 4 volt lithium ion power that holds power up to 18 months, a 1/4 … Continue reading →

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LG Cineview Curved Ultrawide LED Monitor

Tired of cramming all your apps and programs in one tiny screen? The LG Cineview Curved Ultrawide LED Monitor solves this problem with its amazing ultra wide 21:9 curved ¬†screen. It supports a resolution of 3440 x 1440 and assures … Continue reading →

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Brunton Power Knife

As essential as a pocket knife is to an adventurer, The Brunton Power Knife is an essential gadget to the modern man. Packed with Apple’s Lightning and 30-pin connectors, a micro USB port and of course, a standard USB plug … Continue reading →

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