Hexo+ Aerial Drone

Now you can film awesome footage of yourself from a totally new angle with Hexo+ Aerial drone. This device follows you automatically with no need of an operator; just utilize the smartphone app to set the frames and the Hexo+ … Continue reading →

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HP Sprout

Blend the real world with the digital world with HP Sprout, an innovative all-in-one PC. It includes a touch-sensitive mat and a DLP projector that extends your PC screen onto your desk and vice versa. HP Sprout also features a … Continue reading →

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Keys-To-Go: Ultra Portable Spill-proof Keyboard

Enjoy the portability and durability of Keys-To-Go, a Bluetooth keyboard for your iOS devices, including Apple TV. This keyboard is covered with Fabricskin that protects it from crumbs and accidental spills. This device is perfect for anyone that needs to … Continue reading →

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Wearable Scooter

The Wearable Scooter is a very cool invention that you can both wear and ride it. Weighing only 1.7 kg, this scooter is strong enough to get you to your destination with no problem. Once there, you can just fold … Continue reading →


A simple solution to urban cyclists’ worries, the SeatyLock is a saddle that transforms into a one meter solid lock. Simply pull out the seat and wrap it around your bicycle frame like any other lock. You will never have … Continue reading →

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Shrine Sneaker Duffel

If you are a shoe fanatic, the Shrine Sneaker Duffel is just for you. Designed to keep your precious shoes “safe”, this bag boasts two large dedicated sneaker compartments at each end. It also features a large middle compartment for … Continue reading →

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Hendo Hoverboard

The thing that we always wanted to have ever since we watched Back To The Future 2  is finally here!!! Introducing Hendo Hoverboard. It features 4 hover engines that create a special magnetic field that pushes against itself to generate … Continue reading →

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PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter

The PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter is a convenient and portable device that not only charges your electronics, but also, jump starts your vehicle. It features a 12000mAH allowing you to jump start up your car 20 times on … Continue reading →

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Spartan Knife Block

Keep your kitchen knives protected by the Spartan Knife Block. Made from ecologically sustainable fine maple and walnut wood, this novelty item will certainly be a conversation starter in every guy’s home.    

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Leeo Smart Alert

Add another layer of protection to your precious home with Leeo Smart Alert. It is a plug-and-play device that will alert you and/or your emergency contacts in case the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms go off. It connects to your … Continue reading →

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